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Project Controls

Managing Projects is a complex undertaking that requires simplification of significant amounts of data to provide a clear route through delivery. By instigating the correct controls we make it possible to wrestle this data into useful and timely information allowing you to make decisions ahead of time. There are several aspects to this:

What We Do

There is still a place for conventional planning on all projects. Developing a Work Breakdown Structure, providing a structure throughout the project lifecycle with appropriate levels of detail, duration and logic can be undertaken by our team. These can be the first steps to a 4D plan or can remain standalone where no 3D model will be available.
Developing standard timelines for design development and management, Procurements, offsite works, site sequencing, commissioning and all supporting works should be a “must do” for all projects.
Once a plan is built, we can provide Rules of Credit and Quantity Tracking to support underpinning and justification for progress and provide insights into performance trends of your team or that of your supply chain.
When dealing with the supply chain we can help to determine the contract requirements and how best to integrate multiple supplier schedules. Once in contract keeping on top of the programme and the contract changes often becomes complicated, having a strategy as to how programme acceptance will take place will provide timely and structured reviews to help to manage contractor claims effectively.
At the initial stages of scope understanding, building a realistic estimate and agreeing your budget required to deliver your project will determine your ability to achieve your business case. We can support the development of the initial estimate as well as management of the lifecycle budget and spend to help predict cost performance trends on your project. This can be fully integrated into your schedule in conventional ways or combined with the 4D plan to create a 5D plan. These steps are essential if you are aiming to build a set of project delivery norms for your business.
Project performance
The industry is moving away from Excel and PowerPoint reports and the traditional problem of having to wait until end of shifts to be able to understand the site issues and progress. By utilising the model, implementing new tools and techniques, we can facilitate real time reporting. Our site reporting tools, coordinated via central control system, gives your team the ability to take the 4D model on to site with the feedback to the site office. The feedback on safety, quality or progress items allows the team to deploy the correct person to provide the right solution at the earliest opportunity.
From this we can generate powerful dashboards that will be up to date with your latest project data.
Reports can be tailored to suit client needs, considering material quantity tracking, cost performance, Earned Value reporting and more.
Live site reporting
With a busy construction site, it can be real challenge to maintain accurate and timely data in support of accurate progress measurement. Using our site reporting tools, we can feedback site progress, issues, requests for information and observations along with associated photography straight back into our 4D planning team. This data can then be utilised to provide instant, up-to-date project status without any of your team having to be on-site, allowing for early intervention and decision making.

Project Controls

To Implement your Project Controls best practices and create certainty in delivery of your projects, contact us now.