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Conventional Health & Safety

Keeping people safe is always the number one priority for any business on any site. We want to see everyone sent home safely at the end of every day. Setting people to work by running presentations and making people read and sign documents may tick compliance requirements, but often leaves the individuals with a lack of understanding of the task ahead or emergency arrangements.
We can support you by making your 3D model work harder, creating virtual method statements, visualising the risks and hazards around your site and even developing animations to demonstrate these potential dangers and keep your work force safe along your project lifecycle.

Examples of this are emergency escape routes at various phases during the construction of the project to ensure the safety route from potential dangers. Producing animations that detail vehicle movements or moving parts that could bring harm to the workforce.
We are also able to add hazard signage and symbols within our models to highlight areas of danger and hidden risks. These visuals immediately alert your workforce to the dangers of the particular area they are working in.
Prior to any of the above, the model will be used to reduce any hazardous activity before your project even gets to site by visualising these risks and changing program, design or temporary works to ensure your teams are as safe as possible.

Conventional Health and Safety

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