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Delivering projects in the modern world requires smart solutions, whether you are a client establishing best practice or part of the supply chain looking to achieve your clients’ ambitions for delivery.

Getting surety in delivery, de-risking early in the project lifecycle and maximising opportunity requires a solid foundation to allow your team the tools and insights to make the right decisions at the right time. Digital Engineering is still very new and daunting to many; establishing the right set up, process and procedures along with an appropriate assurance plan are vital steps in setting the structure for successful project outcomes. Establishing this within a Project Controls environment will allow you to integrate the 3D model with planning, estimating, cost management and all aspects of project performance reporting. Getting the setup right early in the project lifecycle will support early decision making and help you to deliver your project objectives.

BIM & Digital Twin

4D and 5D Planning, Virtual Rehearsal, Assurance.

Conventional Health & Safety

Keeping people safe is always the number one priority for any business on any site.

Risk Management

Delivering a project successfully requires the team to manage the threats and exploit the opportunities.

Project Controls

Planning, Cost Management, and Project Performance Reporting.

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